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home again.

March 28, 2011

I just spent the last five days soaking up sea-scented air, acting like a tourist, getting tangled in delicious conversations, and enjoying a much needed break in Lebanon with one of my roommates.

It was wonderful, and I fully plan to tell you more about it, plus pictures…later. (Though it has occurred to me that there’s ANOTHER excursion from November I never actually posted about. Maybe I should do that one first? At this rate, you’ll never hear about my travels…)

Anyway, Lebanon is a bruised and beautiful country. At various points during my stay, it made my breath catch in alternating heartbreak and irritation and awe–not an easy feat. But to be honest, I left Jordan in such an exhausted state that I was half-afraid I’d end up falling in love with Lebanon and wish I could stay there forever. (I was also warned this might happen by some major Lebanon lovers in my life.) To my relief, this didn’t happen.

Instead, I found myself more than ready to come home by journey’s end. For one thing, I was longing for the familiarity of Jordan. Let’s face it–traveling can be tiring, and even though Amman and Beirut are only an hour’s plane ride away from each other, they are like different worlds, and by Sunday evening I was looking forward to being in a place where I knew what I was doing again.

But I also found that certain things about being there made me cling with even more gratitude to living here. Which isn’t so much a testament to Lebanon’s deficiencies as it is a testament to how Jordan has scooped out a little nesting place in my heart. As I directed our airport taxi driver to our house from the backseat of his cab, I settled into a sort of fatigued contentment…because I was home.

Sometimes I think that’s the best part of the whole uprooting experience. Getting to feel that deep inward sigh when you leave and come back.

(altogether too gorgeous Lebanon–this is Tyre)

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  1. what what permalink
    April 3, 2011 5:08 pm

    you gave directions to a taxi driver.

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